Short Stories And Novellas

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One of the mediums of writing that I enjoy the most is the Short Story. Perhaps partly because it has such history in literature, and partly because it seems to be both a fading literary interest and a growing literary subject (as the increasing number of fan fiction websites may attest). But more than any of that, I love the short story format because it is somewhat challenging to write a complete and independent story in so many, and so few, words. It is relatively easy to write a scene, for a novel or for a greater work, but a complete and stand alone Short Story requires its own sort of discipline.

Along with my beloved Short Story, I also occasionally enjoy its slightly larger cousin, the Novella. My first real Novella experience was A Wolfe’s Muse, and I enjoyed it immensely even though it proved to be a challenge with its own learning curves (yes, plural). I presently have no idea what future Novellas will be called forth, but hopefully they prove to be as enjoyable, and as enjoyed, as A Wolfe’s Muse proved to be. Time, as always, will tell.