| Sensualis Amor |

An assorted collection of romantic poetry.


For a burning Star:

you made my life brighter.

Two great stars once found their way,

Meeting under circumstance of gray;

Collision granted sparks to fly,

Erupting flames to soar on high.


Warmth and want consumed them both,

The flames to flare above sworn oaths;

Within the blaze the stars would dance,

Giving all to one brave chance.


Beyond all hope the stars did yearn,

Forgotten warmth upon them burned;

Lost in flames the stars did cry,

The time arrived to say goodbye.


The flame at last had run its course,

Yet in the stars lived no remorse;

For all that burned as stars came wake,

To ash they scattered, beyond escape.

The Flame was first published on Lush Stories under my profile,http://www.lushstories.com/thelovingsadist in April of 2014.

Copyright © Aaron Wolfe 2014 All rights reserved.