A Wolfe’s Reward

For my wonderful Minx,

who manages to inspire me even when we are apart.

Happy Birthday.

“Finally, it’s done!” I said aloud, relaxing into the seat of my car. Finally. Six days of night shifts, with overtime, are done. Now I can go home, strip down to something comfortable and sleep. Oh, how I want sleep. I don’t care what the experts say, it’s unnatural and too different to sleep during the day and stay awake all night. Humans are meant to be sleeping while the moon is out! Or at the very least, this one is.

Just as I pushed my key into the ignition, my phone lit up and started vibrating. I got a weird feeling and almost ignored it, but then I sighed and looked down. I knew better.

“Don’t go home, Eliza. Drive to my house,” from Aaron Wolfe. I swear, he really is a psychic. He has to be.

After taking a moment and a deep breath to collect my thoughts, I began typing my message.

“Master, your humble pet is spent from this week at work. Must you call on me now?” I sat back and took a breath, because whatever his response I knew it would be quick. Sure enough, my phone lit up again.

“Yes,” I read. Followed by, “come now and as you are.”

Sigh. “Master,” I typed in, “please let me rest.” I didn’t know what he had planned, but I really needed to sleep.

A moment later he responds with “trust me.” Short, sweet, and no room for refusal.

“I’ll be there soon,” I typed in and sent as I started my car, beginning the drive to his house.

The drive is not long, but with 7 AM traffic on Saturday, it is long enough that I have time to think about what my Master may be up to. I really have no clue. Knowing his sadistic side, he might just want to make me suffer this morning. Knowing his romantic side, maybe he wants to tuck me in and let me sleep in his warm bed. I’ve been his for a few years now, and I still have no idea how he thinks—but he has trained me to trust and obey him, and I will.

Between the traffic, the drowsiness, and my mind wandering to thoughts of my Master and what was going to happen to me, I was soon pulling into his drive way. Time really does fly away sometimes, so I sat in my car for a moment, prolonging the inevitable to gather my strength and my thoughts. When I felt ready, or ready enough, I got out and walked up to the door. It was unlocked for me, as I expected, so I stepped in and locked it behind me.

Hanging my keys in their place, I stood in front of the table by the door and began the entry ritual Master had taught me. Taking off my shoes first, I placed them under the small table before I pushed my jeans down and off, folding them and laying them carefully on top of the table. Then I pulled my shirt off and did the same, laying it in its place on top of my jeans.

Next I slid my socks off, folding them and placing them on top of my shirt before I unhooked my bra and let my humble breasts free to breathe. I’m not that large, but I’ve never had any complaints about them. After folding that and placing it on the pile, I slowly pushed my panties down my legs, bending over provocatively as I slid them down and off. Raising back up nonchalantly as I folded them, I placed my last bit of clothing on the neatly stacked pile.

Another thing my Master taught me. Even if there is no audience, always undress and dress well—and always be neat.

With my clothing removed and neatly placed, I walked over to the soft welcome mat to begin the next part of our ritual. Kneeling down, I sat back on my legs and spread myself wide, letting my hands rest on my knees. Then I straightened my back, turned my eyes gently downward, and relaxed. He called it Nadu, the position of a pleasure slave.

“I am here, Master Aaron,” I announced. “Your pet has arrived and readied herself to serve you.”
Now I wait. He knew I was here the moment I pulled in the drive way. He always does. This ritual is just to get me in the mood for submission, to put me in my place upon entering my Master’s domain. Waiting in Nadu is an exercise in patience and meditation. Mentally submitting myself to him, opening myself to him, and thinking about only him. Contemplating what he means to me and what I mean to him. Simply sitting and being his.

The feeling of his warmth and the sweet taste of his lips as he kisses me. The way he can make me melt just from how he whispers my name into my ear. The sting of his flogger, marking my flesh with proof of his attention. The pain of his teeth and nails sinking into my flesh as he marks me as his. His nails…

His nail, gently sliding up my chest and neck, lifting my chin as I open my eyes to gaze upon my Master and I find him crouching down before me.

“You must be getting used to that position, to be able to fall asleep and still hold it perfectly,” he said as he smiled warmly.

“Yes, Master,” I replied and felt myself turn red, blushing with shame for falling asleep while waiting on him.

“You obeyed,” he said, holding my chin up and smiling as he looked into my eyes, hypnotically pulling my attention into his deep and shining hazel gaze.

“Yes,” I responded, feeling myself already sink into a half-subspace and half-sleep state of mind.

“Good girl.” He held my chin and leaned in to kiss me gently, sending a warm tingle through my entire being. “I reward good girls,” he whispered.

I smiled, knowing I will be treated well and trusting completely the man to whom I gave myself so deeply. As I sat, I looked upon him and absorbed his beauty. His shoulder-length auburn hair, his deep and almost matching hazel eyes, his baby-face features that I find so cute. I know he doesn’t like being called cute, but he is. He is the cutest, most gorgeous man I have ever known. But I am his, of course I would say such things.

As I am lost in him, I feel him place a chain around my neck. A simple and small silver chain. Today’s collar. It’s not strong, so that means no rough play, and I feel relieved at that thought.

With my collar locked in place, he stood.

“Stand,” he said, gripping my collar and pulling me gently to my feet as I obeyed. I don’t know how long I sat in Nadu, but my legs were not asleep as I stood this time. Maybe I am getting used to it, after all.

As I gathered my balance, he let go of my collar and started walking down the hall.

“Heel,” he said softly, but with firm authority, and without looking back. I obeyed and followed along, walking through my Master’s home in nothing but a pretty silver chain.

As I walked down the hall behind him, I noticed for the first time the wetness between my legs as it slowly leaked down my inner thighs. I couldn’t resist a smile, knowing the entry ritual had done its job yet again. Undressing myself for him, sitting and meditating on him, had all made me completely ready for him. I no longer cared that I was tired, I am no longer worried about whatever my Master has planned—I am his, completely, and so I follow on his heel through bedroom and into his master bathroom.

As we stepped into the bathroom he asked me, “Do you need to use the toilet?”

I actually did not know. I had been focused so deeply on him, and so drowsy, I had not paid attention to my own body. After turning my attention back to my own self, I realized I did.

“I need to pee,” I said.

“Then do so,” he replied calmly as he stepped over to turn the shower on.

Sitting on the toilet to relieve myself, I watched carefully as he stepped up to the counter and started undressing himself. As he pulled his shirt over his head he revealed the scars of a few bad fights and a lot of good play, along with the portrait of a red wolf that covered most of his back. Its hazel eyes gazed deeply into mine, carefully and masterfully inked into his muscular flesh. The wolf seemed to be smirking at me, the muscles under the ink moving subtly as Master placed his shirt into the hamper.

I kept watching, sitting on the toilet as he bent over and pushed his pants down his legs, intentionally being provocative for me as he poked his ass in my direction. As he tossed his pants into the hamper and stood completely naked, he turned towards me and I again got lost in his wonderful body.

Master is fit, but not that big a guy. He is an average guy at a height of five-eight, and with certain clothes on he sometimes looks more slender than he is. But here, standing in front of me in all of his natural glory, I basked in the glow of his lean and well-defined body. Not a hair in sight, either. I liked that, both because it made the cute little wolf tattoo on his chest more visible, and because the full length of his cock was free and fully visible as well.

As he stepped in front of me, my entire attention was on the sway of his half-hard cock as he walked, and then on its slow rise as he stood before me. I felt saliva gather in my mouth, and noticed that the last few drips into the toilet were more than just pee. My mind and my body were throbbing for him. I wanted him. Even in my exhausted condition, every part of me was his, and I wanted him.

Holding my chin gently, he lifted my head and pulled my eyes up to meet his. He was smiling, knowing exactly what he was doing to me as he asked, “Are you done?”

“Yes,” was all I could muster in a weak and husky voice. My arousal and drowsiness were both clearly apparent.

His left hand gripped my collar and he gently pulled me to my feet as his right hand sunk between my legs, feeling of my wet lips. I felt my legs weaken and my whole body shudder as he simply felt of me. A subtle moan escaped from me as he pulled his fingers back, and I watched attentively as he brought them to his lips.

I gasped, realizing he was going to taste both my arousal and my pee, and then I got even wetter as I watched him lick me off of his finger with the most erotic expression he could give. He smiled at the look of lust in my eyes, the shine and the glaze of my dizzying arousal. I was completely intoxicated with my desire for him, and he knew it.

“Now we are ready,” he said as he turned to step into the shower. As he did, I looked down again and noticed that he became fully aroused from tasting me, which aroused me that much more and I followed him into the shower.

“Stand under the water,” he commanded.

Obeying, I stood under the shower head and felt his hands run over my body, rubbing me down with warm water as he rinsed me. He avoided my more sensitive spots, but felt and rubbed almost everywhere else as he spread the water over me.

“I’m going to wash you,” he whispered into my ear. “You do not need to do anything. Just relax and enjoy my attentions as I wash my woman clean.”

I closed my eyes and shivered as his words sent vibrations through my body.

As I relaxed in his arms he backed me away from the shower head, gathered shampoo in his hands, and began lathering me up. He gently rubbed it in, lathering my hair thoroughly as he massaged my scalp before letting his hands wander downward to gently rub my shoulders and back. Sliding his hands around my sides, he properly scrubbed almost my entire upper body as he carefully to avoided my breasts. He was teasing me with opportunities that I knew he would not take.

Working his way downward, he knelt and rubbed his lathered hands down my left leg, avoiding my pussy while somehow managing to touch every other place. His hands worked down slowly and gently, almost massaging my leg as he washed me. When he got to my ankle, he pushed me gently to lean back against the wall as he lifted my foot, tenderly cleaning and rubbing it as he even slid his fingers between my toes to make sure every corner of my body was clean.

When that was done, he began working his way up my right leg, starting with my foot and the same treatment he gave to the left side. All the way up to my pussy, where he again only teased. I could only moan in pleasure and agony. I was in sweet heaven, even if it was a torturous one.

After finally lathering my lower body, he stood, gazing into my eyes as his hands wandered up my body to take hold of my firm breasts. His cock slid between my thighs, pressing his warmth against my lower lips. Having gotten this far, they were well lathered in more than one way even though he had not touched them.

Then he kissed me, and my entire world stopped turning as I suddenly came.

The entry ritual, all of the teasing he has done to me before and during the shower, his hands on my breasts, his cock nestled against my aching pussy and then his tongue against mine. It was all too much for a girl to take. Between the drowsiness, the light but dizzying subspace, and then a damn good orgasm, I couldn’t even see straight as he held me up by pressing his body against mine. He held me against the wall, kissing me passionately as I rode the waves of pleasure he put me on.

When my other senses started working again, I felt his hand on my cheek and opened my eyes. He was blurry, but I saw a smile. I smiled and giggled in a post-orgasmic haze, but he leaned into my ear and whispered, “Did I give you permission to come?” I gasped and felt my heart sink.

Uh oh. Now I’ve done it. I was getting such a good morning, and I had to break one of the rules. I panicked and straightened up, forcing myself to stand on my own shaky legs again as I looked down and hung my head.

“No, Master,” I said. “I’m sorry.”

I heard him chuckle, and looked up to see him smirking and enjoying my now confused expression.

“Good,” he grinned. “Now you’re awake again.”

Awake as I may have been from the adrenaline rush of fear I just got, I had no idea why it was good. Sleepy, I tilted my head as I looked at him.

“I am not done with you just yet,” he said as he caressed my cheek gently. “You can sleep soon, but I need you to stay awake for a while longer.”

“Yes, Master. I’ll try.”

He smiled and led me back under the shower head, where he rinsed me off just as thoroughly as he had lathered me up.

“Feel better now?” he asked, kissing my clean neck and ear teasingly as he spread water over my body.

“I do.” Admittedly, getting the release of a good orgasm after a week of not having time, even if I was no less sleepy I wasn’t quite as edgy. “It feels like you cleaned up my mind along with my body,” I said.

“I did,” he chuckled as he kissed my ear again. “But I’m not sure I’ll ever get that dirty little mind of yours really clean.”

“You wouldn’t even if you could,” I smiled, relaxing into his arms as he rinsed me and feeling his muscles flex as he chuckled again.

After rinsing my hair and body, he turned the water off and stepped out to grab a towel.

“Come here,” he said, holding the towel open for me.

I stepped out of the warm shower and into the cool bathroom air as he wrapped the towel around me warmly, gently drying my entire body from head to toe. Anything else aside, he was definitely thorough.

“Go lay on the bed,” he ordered as he finished drying me. “On the towel.”

I walked out of the bathroom as he began drying himself, and stepping back into his room I noticed for the first time the candles. The candle light, the incense—the entire room was charged with a calming, relaxing, romantic atmosphere. I had to catch my breath and remember what I had been told, stepping quickly towards the bed to lay on the over sized towel he had left in the center.

“Ah,” I heard from the bathroom doorway, “lay face down.”

I noticed him carrying a bottle of something and that he was still as naked as I was when I turned over, smiling at having finally figured out his plan.

“Are you going to massage me?” I asked, closing my eyes as I laid in position. I could feel his smile even without seeing it, and I certainly heard it in his voice when he spoke.

“Yes I am,” he said. “So be a good girl and stay awake for me.”

I smiled, already relaxing as I felt him crawl onto the bed. His hands caressed their way up my back, taking hold of my damp hair to move it away. I felt the warm oil dripping out over my shoulders to create small rivers across my back before his hands caught them, spreading it over my skin.

Oh, how good it felt, his warm hands gently massaging my neck and shoulders. The candles, the incense, the scented oil, his warm hands that somehow kept getting warmer. Then there was the warmth of the bed.

“Master,” I mumbled, “I can really fall asleep like this.”

“That is fine,” he said as his hands worked their way down my left arm. “Stay awake for me a bit longer. You will sleep even better after this.”

“Yes,” was all I managed to get out.

I really had to concentrate. I focused on his hands as he rubbed his fingers across my wrist, and then he lifted my left hand to massage my palm and each finger thoroughly. Oh, how I loved this. As he finished massaging my hand, he worked his way back up my left arm and rubbed out every bit of tension he missed on the first pass.

When his hands made their way back to my shoulders, he rubbed them again and somehow massaged them just as thoroughly as the first time while only passing over them. Rubbing his way over to my right arm, he began his thorough descent towards my right hand, again, massaging each finger thoroughly before working his way back up to my shoulders.

I couldn’t move my arms anymore. Or I could, but I really didn’t want to. It had just gotten a lot harder to focus.

“Stay awake for me, my pet,” I heard him whisper, his lips touching my neck as he his hands explored my upper back.

“Yesss,” I moan quietly in response, trying so hard to stop myself from just drifting away.

Concentrating, I felt his hands rub down my back as his fingers and palms move my flesh in miraculous ways, working out all of the tension in my back. I can even feel my spine relaxing and adjusting, like at a chiropractor. His touch is so gentle, yet so deep. How does a girl I stay awake through this?

“Focus,” I heard, almost in answer to my thoughts as I felt a kiss between my shoulder blades.

“Focus on me. Hear me, feel me,” he said, pouring more oil over my hips.

“Mmm,” I moaned gently, feeling his hands spread the oil as he massaged my hips and lower back. “It’s good,” I managed to mumble out.

“Yes,” he said, and I could hear the smile in his voice. “It is good, and it will only get better.”

His hands worked their way teasingly around my ass, massaging it and avoiding it at the same time as he slid his hands over to my left thigh. He wrapped both hands around it, rubbing both my inner and outer thigh at the same time as his right hand brushed very close to my pussy.

“Yesss,” I moaned. I could feel myself throb, but it was just a tease. He quickly started massaging his way down my left leg, and I could feel his smile.

“Yes indeed,” he whispered. “Pay attention.”

Rubbing, twisting, and kneading my muscles between his fingers, he gently worked his way down my left leg. Down my thigh, carefully teasing the sensitive places behind my knee as he worked thoroughly over my calf. He squeezed and relaxed muscles I forgot I had, and then he got to my foot. Oh, the things he can do to my feet.

“Relax,” he said softly as he rubbed into my foot, starting with my heel and moving towards my toes. “Relax and focus.”

“Yezzir,” I mumbled, getting absorbed in the pleasures of my foot massage as his fingers worked their way over my sensitive flesh. When he worked his way over my arches, he spent time on each toe, rubbing gently and relaxing each one just as he had worked on my fingers. It felt good. Very good.

As he finished with my left foot, he laid it down gently and gathered more oil on his hands before he began the same treatment on the right.

“Mmm,” I moaned softly as his fingers both lightly caressed and deeply massaged my foot, again giving time and attention to each of my toes. When he finally worked his way up to my ankle, I unintentionally let out a soft whimper. I really do get too into my feet sometimes.

I concentrated intently on his hands as he worked his way up my right leg, thoroughly massaging my right calf and thigh just as he had the left and even teasing behind my knee. I kind of liked that, even though it was almost a tickle. He moved all the way up my leg until he was teasing my pussy again, this time from the other side.

“Mmm,” I moaned again as he finally began massaging my ass. Not too rough, or too gentle. Not entirely sexual, or entirely methodological. Sensually hitting every right spot, teasing me ever so masterfully as his hands explored me and rubbed away a little more tension from my body.

“Half way there, love,” he said softly.

“More?” I half whimpered and half moaned.

“Yes. More,” he said, carefully taking my limp body in his arms in order to turn me over. “My hands are going to steal away all of the tension in your body, and when I am done I will let you sleep,” he whispered as he kissed my forehead.

“Mmm. Sleep,” I said, drowsy and relaxed.

“I know, my love,” he said, his hands taking more oil and spreading it over my shoulders and collar bone. “Focus on me a bit longer.”

I focused on the feeling of his warm hands against my flesh, massaging my shoulders from the front and working his way down my arms again. All the way down my left arm, massaging my hand and fingers before he worked all the way back up just like before. Any tension that was left there earlier was completely removed as his hands worked over my shoulders and neck, repeating the entire process on my right arm.

My mind completely fogged over. I couldn’t open my eyes to save my life, but I felt him as his hands moved down around my breasts, massaging them gently while avoiding my nipples. He teased me and carefully worked out the tension, moving his fingers down my sides and into my ribs as he worked further down. I gasped as his thumbs and fingers dug into me in some places, then I relaxed as whatever tension he found quickly faded away.

Spreading new oil over my abdomen, he worked his hands into my hips and again began his descent down my left leg. Ever so lightly teasing my pussy, and ever so thoroughly working out anything he missed massaging my leg the first time. He worked slowly down my thigh and calf, again spending nice quality time on my foot and toes once he got there. Oh, how I love a good foot rub.

“Mmm,” I quietly moaned as he lifted my right foot and gently shifted his attentions to it, thoroughly massaging my right foot and toes as he began his ascent up my right leg. His hands moved as slowly as they had the entire time, rubbing in the oil as he worked out any tension he found.

Soon he was at my pussy again, and this time he didn’t just tease. Moving from my thigh, he rubbed his thumbs along my slit.

“Yes,” I moaned. “So good.”

“Almost done,” he said, gently and yet firmly working his fingers over my pussy and pubic bone as I laid back and relaxed. I could only focus on him, trying to stay awake and wait for permission to sleep.

As he finished the massage, he rubbed his hands up my body and wrapped his arms around me. He slowly slid his cock deep inside of me, wrapping me and filling me with his warmth as he kissed me softly.

“Rest now, my Eliza,” he whispered. “Sleep in my arms as I hold you and fill you. Be mine, sleep in my warmth, and dream of me.”

“Yes, Master,” I whispered, relieved that I finally had permission to surrender. Safe in his arms, wrapped and filled with his warmth, I drifted into the deepest and most restful sleep that I can remember.

The next that thing I became aware of was soft, gentle kisses wandering up my body and quietly stirring me from my slumber. As he kissed my lips, I opened my eyes and returned the smile that I saw.

“Good afternoon, sleepy head,” he said.

“How long did I sleep?” I asked.

“From nine until six. About nine hours.”

“Mmm,” I said. “It feels like I slept a week. I don’t want to move.”

“That’s too bad,” he responded as he kissed down my neck. “Because you are going to get up and take another shower. Bed head doesn’t befit you for the event that I have planned next.”

“There is more?” I asked. “Or do you just want to ravish me without getting sleepy from all the scented oil?”

“There’s more,” he chuckled, biting my neck lightly to tease me. “Now get up.” And with that, he rolled off the bed. “Shower normally to clean up, then come back in here. I’ll have a surprise waiting for you.”

“A surprise?” I asked. “What is it?”

“Spoilers,” he chuckled and grinned. “I don’t give spoilers. Now go.”

As he walked out of the room I slowly rolled out of his warm bed, lazily making my way towards the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I smiled at the rested look I had and the wild hair that dried while I slept. Then there was the glow of my skin. The oil had long faded, but I still carried the scents he used, and along with whatever else he put in that stuff my skin was left looking very happy. I was almost sad to wash it away.

Turning the water on and stepping in, I didn’t want this to take too long. I’ve never really liked surprises, but whenever Master says he has one I always end up enjoying it. Using plenty of shampoo and conditioner, I finally got my hair normal again and thoroughly washed my body clean. I didn’t know what he had planned, but I wanted to be ready for him.

All clean, I stepped out and took a towel, drying myself gently but as completely as possible. Still in nothing but my silver chain, I looked in the mirror again, this time properly inspecting myself. I may have been tired this week, but I made sure to maintain myself in the ways Master had taught me—even my exercises, keeping my body flexible and toned. There wasn’t a hair in sight, and my body felt just right even though I only did minimal maintenance this week.

Partially satisfied with being worthy of serving him, I stepped back out into the bedroom and saw him standing by the bed, next to a stool from the kitchen.

“Come here,” he said. “Stand by the bed.”

I walked over quietly and stood where he had pointed, looking down at what he had on the bed in genuine surprise. There was a complete set of black and red lingerie, and beside of it laid a beautiful black dress with a red pattern over it.

“Master…” I said softly, almost in a gasp. He simply smiled.

“Stand still, my doll. Tonight I am going to dress you.”

I smiled. Usually I don’t like being babied, but to put it in the perspective of a doll is different. To have my Master treat me as his object and decorate me however he pleases is something that turned me on from the first time he introduced me to it. Giving him that much trust and control is thrilling.

Standing still as commanded, I watched and felt him kneel down as he slipped the garter belt up my legs and into place. Then I held my hand onto his shoulder as he pushed the thigh high stockings up my legs, fastening them into place properly. Lastly, he took the lacy panties and pulled them over my stockings and the garter straps

I grinned at his choice of order, as we had both learned from experience long ago that they are easier to get off if they are the last thing to go on. I watched as he stood, rubbing his hands up my body in order to take hold of my breasts as his lips brushed against my neck.

“You are going to enjoy tonight, my pet,” he whispered. My entire body shivered at the pleasant words and his deep, authoritative tone, all mixed with his gentle touch.

“Yes, Master,” I replied.

He smiled and took the bra from its place on the bed, putting it on me carefully and easily. As it turned out, putting it on is just as easy as taking it off for him. I smiled as he finally lifted the dress and pulled it down over my head.

It wasn’t too tight or too loose. It seemed to hug my body as he pulled the bottom halfway down my thighs where it ended. There were no sleeves, but enough to cover the bra strap, and as he zipped it up in the back it took on an almost corset like effect as it lifted my breasts a little bit higher. All zipped up, he turned me around and smiled.

“You are beautiful,” he said, and I felt the heat rise in my face as I blushed.

“Thank you,” I responded as he smiled.

“Sit down. I’m doing your hair and makeup next.”

“What?” I asked. Talented as he may be in almost everything he does, makeup?

“Yes,” he chuckled. “I have been around plenty of women, and I have learned to pay attention. Besides, you know I am an artist in my spare time.”

“And a good one, but makeup?” I asked.

“Trust me,” he smiled, seeing the worried look in my eye.

“Okay,” I said as I took a seat on the stool and tried to relax.

He started with my hair, taking a straightening iron to me. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I felt him style my hair. Curling it here, straightening it there, and then he put the left overs up in a bun before sliding in a large hair pin to hold it all in place. I never did this sort of thing to my own hair, and he made it seem so easy. I still worried about what it will look like, but if doing my hair was so natural for him then maybe he really could do my makeup too.

I sat back and tried to relax as he started reaching for the makeup bag. He smiled at me, and then simply continued his work. I tried to judge what he was going to do based on what he was using, but I couldn’t decide, so I just patiently waited as he applied it.

I closed my eyes as he carefully brushed on foundation, and then began applying liner and shadow. He lightly applied mascara, then shaped my brows. It felt more like he was carefully touching up a painting and less like he was applying clown makeup, so I relaxed a bit. Lastly, he gently and tenderly applied lipstick.

When he finished he put everything down. As I opened my eyes, he smiled and held out his hand.

“Come, let me show you how beautiful you are,” he said. I blushed, took his hand, and followed him into the bathroom.

When I looked into the mirror, I blinked to make sure I was actually seeing myself. Most of my blond hair was up in the back, held in by a large black needle with a red dragon on it. Along the sides, a little hung down straight towards my neck, and then my face was framed in with a few long curls.

And the makeup. What makeup? Everything looked completely natural. Anything that might have been called a flaw was gone, and everything he added simply emphasized my natural features. Even my lips looked natural.

All of this wrapped in a nice black and red dress.

“Who is she…?” I asked, staring deeply into the mirror.

“She,” he said, smiling as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck, “is my beautiful and wonderful Eliza, the woman I am taking on a date tonight.”

“A date?”

“Yes, a date,” he said. He let go of me and walked back into his bedroom. I followed, watching him pick up a pair of heels. “Take these down stairs. Your bag for tonight is on the table in the lounge. I’ll be ready soon, then we are going out.”

“Really?” I asked, my heart pounding with excitement. “A date?”

“Yes,” he smiled as he kissed my forehead. “I am taking my woman on a date. Now go wait for me to get dressed.”

I nodded and took the heels, smiling like an idiot as I walked down the stairs. We have gone out together before, but this kind of atmosphere and dress up wasn’t to go to the movies. This was a real romantic date. What woman doesn’t want a real date with the man she loves?

Walking down into the lounge, I smiled as I saw the small bag that matched my dress. I sat down in front of it and put my heels on, then took the bag to look through it while I waited. He had put everything I needed into it. I sat and smiled at how thoroughly he prepared this, looking at the stairs as I waited for him to come down.

I almost felt like a high school girl. A date with my Master!

As I heard him walk down the stairs, I looked up and smiled even more brightly. He was dressed up as nicely as I was. His leather shoes had a shine to them, and the black slacks looked perfect on him. As the rest came into view, his red silk shirt stood out under a black vest that was buttoned up. He looked amazing. Formal, yet somehow casual and relaxed, leaving behind the tie and jacket.

He smiled as he walked up to me. “Are you ready, Eliza?”

“Yes,” I said, smiling broadly. “I’m ready when you are.”

He held out his hand. I took it, expecting him to lead me out the door, but instead he kissed it softly and gazed up into my eyes.

“I promise you, my darling,” he said softly, “you will enjoy this night.”

If it were possible for a human woman to turn into a puddle of happiness and love, that is what those words and that kiss would have done to me.

“Yes,” I whispered softly. “I know I will.”

He smiled and held my hand, leading me to and out the door. After locking everything up, he took my hand again and led me to his car, opening the door for me. I got in as eloquently as possible, playing the princess role he had put me in.

When he closed my door, he went around and got into the drivers seat.

“Oh,” he said as the car pulled into the street. “Darla tried to contact you earlier. I talked to her so she wouldn’t be worried.”

Darla! I completely forgot about my roommates.

“What did you say?” I asked, almost worried about the answer.

“I told her,” he smiled, “that I invited you over after your work finished, gave you a thorough shower, sensually massaged every corner of your body to relax you, and that you were sleeping like a baby in my bed.”

“You really told her all of that?” I asked, blushing.

“Yes,” he said with a sly grin. “She asked me if I had a brother.”

“That’s so like her,” I laughed. “At least she isn’t going to report me missing. I completely forgot to tell her that I was coming over.”

“It’s okay. She knows what kind of week you had, and she thanked me for taking care of you.”

“I should be saying that as well,” I said. “Thank you. For everything.”

He looked at me and smiled, happy for my genuine gratitude.

“You should text her or call her while you have a chance,” he said. “We’ll be there soon.”

“I will,” I smiled, taking my phone out of the bag I had been given. “Thank you.”

He smiled and continued driving as I pulled up Darla’s number, seeing a bunch of messages from her this morning. Her most recent message read, “I talked to your man. Damn!”

I grinned and typed in, “damn indeed!” Then I typed another message, “we’re going on a date! I’m all dressed up and everything.”

“OMG! Pics! Details!” she responded. I laughed loud enough for Master to hear.

“She wants pictures of me all dressed up.”

“That can be arranged,” he grinned.

I smiled and typed in “not now, silly” and then “we’ll talk about it later. I just want to let you know I’m awake, doing well, and I won’t be home tonight. ;)”

“:O” she sent, and I smiled as I read “naughty girl. Have fun, ttyl”

“Ttyl!” I sent.

When I looked up, we were down town and pulling up in front of one of the most romantic Italian places around here.

“This is…” I whispered, my jaw dropping slightly as he parked in front of the valet.

“Carmelo’s,” he said. “You like Italian, and we both like romance. So here we are.”

“But this place is expensive!” I exclaimed. The atmosphere might be great, but it was really not worth the money to me.

“If you think the dinner is expensive, don’t ask for the receipt for that dress,” he chuckled. I was a little concerned now, and he noticed.

“Eliza,” he said as he looked at me sternly, “my gifts for you are mine to give and take as I please. Tonight, this is my gift. Receive it graciously, and enjoy what I am offering you.”

“Yes, Sir,” I nodded. I was still concerned about the dress comment, but he was right. I am his. His to treat as he pleases. If he wanted to spoil me, he could and he would, and I smiled at the thought that he definitely would.

He smiled and got out, walking around the car to open my door. He took my hand to help me out, then closed the door behind me. As I stepped away from the car, I saw him turn to the valet.

“Excuse me, sir,” he said, “but my girlfriend and I would like a picture together.” Pulling out his phone and holding it up he asked, “would you like to do the honors?”

“Of course, sir!” the valet said as he took the phone.

Master smiled and nodded, then walked over to me. He placed us under the Carmelo’s sign, held me warmly from behind and looked over my shoulder. “Be happy,” he said. I was so happy that I was most certainly smiling like an idiot.

After the valet took our picture, Master went to take his phone back and passed on the keys to his car. He quickly sent the photo to me in a text before putting his phone away, then took my arm in his and walked me in the door.

As we stepped in, he spoke with the greeter. He had apparently made reservations, and we were led through the restaurant and out onto the patio. Arm in arm, he lead me like a princess and I blushed profusely. I noticed and was happy that we turned more than a few heads, and even saw a few guys getting poked. I laughed inside, but maintained my composure. I won’t let myself embarrass him.

The greeter led us to a small table in a corner of the patio. There were only a couple of other people out there, and back in the corner we were practically alone. I smiled, happy to have this atmosphere. Then, as we arrived at our seats, he stepped ahead of me and pulled out my chair. As I took my seat and he pushed me in, I smiled even more broadly.

As the greeter left he asked me, “Do you mind if I order for us?”

“No,” I said, smiling. “Of course I don’t.”

He smiled. When the waitress came to bring water and ask what we would like, he told her, “we would like two glasses of Pinot Noir, Rigatoni con Pollo, and Lasagna di Manzo,” without mispronouncing a single thing.

Raising her eyebrow as I raised mine, the waitress said, “You sound like you came prepared.”

Master smiled at her and said softly, “A gentleman is always prepared for his date, my dear.”

The young waitress and I both smiled at him, and she said “Your dinner will be served soon, then” as she walked away.

“You really did do your homework,” I said.

“I did,” he smiled. “It was easy, since they have their menu online.”

“Of course,” I giggled.

He smiled, and we began talking about everything and nothing. How we missed each other all week, how tired I had been, how much I enjoyed my morning treatment. It didn’t feel like there were any one topic of conversation. Or if there were, it could only be described as ‘us.’ We were in our own little world.

Before we knew it, the wine and food came. We both thanked our waitress and quickly returned to the conversation, taking turns between eating and listening to each other talk. Eventually I realized that every time the conversation wandered to him, or to anything else, he always pulled it back to me and to us. He wanted to know how my week had went, how I felt, how I was. We talked about our relationship and our love.

I smiled, happy and genuinely enchanted by his ability to even control our conversations, even in a situation like this—and not even to his benefit, but to our benefit. To intentionally keep us in our own little world during this romantic evening, and to make me feel so special. I felt my love for him grow a little deeper.

After the food was gone and all we had left was our conversation, he took and paid the bill, and then left a large tip on the table. A very large tip.

“Don’t think about it,” he said and smiled at my expression.

I nodded as he pulled out my chair and took my hand, leading me to the front of the restaurant and out the door. The valet brought the car up, and Master again opened the door for me. I smiled and got in like a lady, letting him close the door. He generously tipped the valet to thank him for the picture, then he came around, got in, and began driving us home.

“So,” he said, “what do you think of this Carmelo guy?”

“Caramel is cheaper,” I replied. “And slightly easier to pronounce.”

“It is,” he chuckled, “but caramel doesn’t quite have the ambiance of an Italian restaurant.”

“Yeah, but you can’t eat ambiance.”

“Oh?” he raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t like the food?”

I bit my lip. “It’s not that it was bad,” I explained, “but I’m not sure it’s worth that much money.

“To be more precise,” I went on, “it’s expensive, and the food is probably average at best—but, I promise you,” I looked into his eyes since we were at a stop light, “I will treasure tonight for the rest of my life simply because it was spent with you, and because of everything you have done for me today.”

“Thank you,” he said as he smiled at me warmly.

Leaning back into my chair, I blushed at having realized what I said.

“We’re almost home,” he said. “I have one more thing to offer you tonight.”

“More?” I smiled.

“Yes,” he said with a grin. “And this late, I’m sure your imagination isn’t far off.”

“I wonder,” I said as I bit my lip. “My imagination can be quite wild.”

“Don’t I know it,” he chuckled. “But don’t worry, you’ll see soon enough,” he said, pulling into his drive way.

After parking the car and getting out, he came around and opened my door for me again, taking my hand as he helped me to my feet. Keeping my hand in his, he led me to the door and opened it with his free hand. He closed the door behind us as he led me into and through the house, heading towards his bedroom. I smiled as he led me towards the bed.

“Stand here,” he said, stopping me in front of his bed.

I watched him disappear into the bathroom, coming out with wipes to remove my makeup. I smiled and stood still as he wiped it all away. Every woman feels prettier with makeup on, but it also feels nice knowing that my Master prefers my natural beauty.

Taking off all of my makeup, he then pulled the pin from my hair and let it fall down out of its place. He stepped away for a moment to toss the wipes and lay the hair pin on his night stand, then returned to fluff my hair down properly. As pretty as I felt before, it was much more comfortable this way.

“I’m going to undress you now.” He looked into my eyes as he whispered, “My doll.”

I bit my lip and smiled, watching him kneel down to take off my heels, one and then the other. He rubbed his hands up my legs as he stood, holding my eyes to his gaze the whole time until he stepped behind me and out of my sight. Holding still, I closed my eyes as he unzipped my dress and pulled it over my head, stepping over to his dresser where he laid it down neatly.

When he returned, he unhooked my bra and let it fall off of me. Leaving a trail of kisses down my neck and spine as he knelt down behind me, he hooked his fingers into my panties and pulled them down and off before tossing them onto the bra.

I shivered as he kissed my hips before unfastening my garter belt. He pulled one stocking down slowly, erotically rubbing my leg and then my foot teasingly as he slid it off. Then he did the same to the other leg, leaving me in only my garter belt—but that didn’t last long either. He slid the belt down my legs just as slowly and teasingly as he had my stockings, kissing my hips and lower back as he did.

As he stood, he kissed and rubbed his hands up my body, taking my ear into his mouth as he held me warmly.

“Now you are ready for me, my pet,” he whispered into my ear.

“Yes, Master,” I replied. “I am always ready for you.”

I gasped as he suddenly lifted me into a princess hold, carrying me the few short steps to his bed where he laid me down gently.

“Yes, you are,” he said, smiling and gazing into my eyes. “Wait for me,” he said as he stepped away to undress.

I laid back and watched him attentively as he stepped over to his closet, kicking off his shoes in their proper place and pulling off his vest. He laid the vest down, then took off his shirt, unbuttoning it slowly and teasingly. He knew I was watching and he put on a subtle show for me.

With his shirt off, he put it next to the vest and removed his belt, hanging it in its proper place before he opened his dress pants and pushed them down slowly, bending over and pointing his ass at me in a relaxed and sensual movement. Even in boxers, his ass was wonderful. His teasing made me want to bite it.

After laying his pants on the pile, he pulled his under shirt off slowly and teasingly, revealing the wolf inked into his back. Its deep gaze stared at me, watching me as I watched my Master undress for me. I almost got lost in his tattoo and missed him place his under shirt on the pile, so I watched carefully as he bent over and pushed his boxers down his legs, revealing to me his sexy little ass and the shadow of his wonderful cock.

He tossed his boxers onto the pile and then stood on one leg to pull off a sock, and then he leaned on the other leg as he pulled off his last stitch of clothing. Finally, as bare as I nearly was in nothing but my chain, he gathered up his clothes and then my lingerie. He carried them to the hamper in his bathroom, and I stared as he walked back in. His cock was ready for me, bouncing happily as he approached me wearing only a smile and his ink.

It’s not a huge cock. Probably average at best, and I have certainly seen much bigger as well as much smaller. But they don’t matter, because this one is the one that pleases me most. This one is the one that I worship. This is my Master’s cock.

Walking to the end of the bed, he crawled onto it and up towards me. I smiled and bit my lip as he kissed his way up my legs, moving from one to the other as he traveled all the way up to my inner thighs.

“Tonight,” he said, kissing my pussy lips lightly, “I am going to pleasure the woman I love.”

“Yesss, please, my Master!” I moaned out and bit my lip, spreading my legs wide for him.

He smiled and began showering me with kisses, brushing his lips against every piece of flesh he could reach that wasn’t part of my pussy. I moaned and squirmed, doing my best to hold my eyes to his as I watched him tease me and pleasure me.

I bit my lip hard and struggled to not jump as his tongue finally brushed against my pussy, sliding lightly between my damp slit. He softly and teasingly made laps up and down, avoiding my clitoris with each pass until I was squirming uncontrollably, moaning and whining for more.

“Please, Master,” I moaned. “Please give me more!”

I felt his cheek move against my thigh as he smiled, finally passing his tongue over my clitoris.

“Yesss,” I moaned, lifting my hips.

A shiver echoed through my body as I felt his teeth clamp down around my clitoris, holding it in place as he began flicking his tongue over the tip.

“Oh lord yes!” I moaned, feeling his teeth grind gently into my sensitive nub while his tongue outright attacked it. I could feel myself building quickly, then I felt him smile again as he slid his right middle and ring finger deep into my pussy, slowly pressing himself into me.

“Oh Master,” I said with a strained voice, “I’m going to come soon.”

“I know,” he said, taking his lips off of me only for a moment. “Come for me. Come as much as you can. Don’t hold back at all tonight,” he commanded, and then clamped down on my clitoris again as he pressed his fingers even deeper.

“Yesss!” I moaned, feeling his tongue flick against my clitoris in one direction and then another. Up and down, side to side, he flicked against the tip of my hard little nub as fast as he could.

I tried to focus on my breath, I tried to make the pleasure last longer, but then I felt his fingers reach my g-spot as he began tapping against it lightly with one finger and then another. Nibbling on my clitoris with his teeth, ravishing it with his tongue, and now drumming my g-spot with his fingers. It was really too much for any girl to take.

“Oh fuck!” I half moaned, half squealed as I lost control of my body.

All I could do was relax and ride the waves he had thrown me into as he continued pushing my buttons. Pushing me higher and higher, changing his intensity as I began to come down only to be pushed even higher. It felt like it would never end until I collapsed, panting, realizing he had stopped and was teasingly kissing me again.

I stared at the ceiling for a moment, just breathing as the world spun around me. When I felt able, I looked down, seeing him smile through a dripping wet face as he licked his lips.

“Did you have fun trying to drown me?” he asked

“Yes,” I said as I smiled and bit my lip. “Almost as much fun as you had trying to drown.”

He chuckled and began kissing his way up my body, trailing up my abdomen and between my breasts, up my neck and to my lips as he kissed me deeply and softly. I moaned as I tasted myself on his tongue.
“I,” he said, kissing me again between each of his words, “am going to make love to you now.”

I smiled. We have sex often, and that’s besides all of the scenes we enjoy, but this was special.

“Please,” I whispered and smiled broadly. “Make me one with the man I love.”

He smiled and wrapped his arms around me, holding me warmly as he slid his warmth deep into my well prepared pussy. The perfect size to fill me perfectly.

“As you wish,” he spoke softly, leaning in to kiss me, “my love.”

I smiled, wrapping my arms and legs around him as he held me, moving his hips slowly with our lips tightly locked. No rush, no focus on lust or the sensations. Just warmth. Feeling each others warmth, being close, being connected. There is no telling how long we stayed like that, moving in a slow and natural pace. We were both lost in each other, feeling each other. A depth of intimacy and emotional oneness that knows no words.

Eventually I started moaning more, feeling my climax build in spite of my desire to simply be like this forever. He broke our deep kiss and ran his fingers through my hair, moving his hips in the same steady pace he had kept all along as he looked deeply into my eyes.

“Come for me, Eliza,” he whispered. “Come with me as I fill you and mark you as mine.”

I shivered from the heat of his gaze and the intensity of his words, and my body began rolling into an orgasm on its own as it instantly obeyed its owner’s command.

“Yesss, Masterrr!” I moaned, feeling my orgasm completely over take me while feeling his cock throb inside of me, his own orgasm taking over as he pressed himself into me deeply and held me close. He kissed me passionately as we came together.

He held me as we wound down, kissing me softly and lovingly as he held himself as deep inside of me as he could, simply enjoying the warmth of our connection as I did myself. I held him and rubbed his back, returning each kiss with one of my own and with just as much love.

When our breathing settled, he held me tighter, rolling onto his back as he pulled me on top of him. He kept his cock deep inside of me, having barely softened, and I laid on top of him. I smiled and brushed the hair out of his face, kissing him gently.

“That was wonderful,” I said softly.

“It was intended to be,” he smiled

I smiled and laid down, relaxing on top of him as I nuzzled my cheek against his.

“Thank you, my wonderful Master.”

“You’re welcome, my wonderful pet.”

“Master?” I said softly.


“I’m sleepy again,” I said, my eyes closed and my face nuzzled into his neck.

He smiled and nuzzled his cheek against mine as he rubbed my back gently.

“Sleep in my arms, my sweet Eliza. Be mine, be full of my warmth, and dream of my love for you.”

“Yes,” I smiled. “Thank you, my Master. I love you.”

“Sweet dreams, my pet,” he said softly as he rubbed my back lightly. “I love you too.”

As I drifted into sleep for the second time, my last thoughts were about how much I loved my wonderful Master, and how completely safe and loved I felt falling asleep in his arms and with his warmth buried deep inside of me.


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