A Wolfe’s Escapade

To risk and adventure, 

and fantasies beyond logic or reason.

This life of mine has seen some adventures. Perhaps more than my share or perhaps less, depending on who is asked. Some have been sexual, some haven’t. Some have been dangerous, and some have simply been weird. As I sat across from Eliza, listening to her proposal for my next adventure, I considered how particularly dangerous it was.

She leaned back into my soft couch after a long exchange, her eyes locked on mine in an intense and steady gaze as she stretched the slender legs that were left bare by her shorts.

“Come on. You know you’ve always wanted to do something like this.” She was teasing me while maintaining the calm of a negotiation.

“I also know it’s against our rules. You know the rules are there for a reason, Eliza,” I returned her gaze as I thought about the prospect and struggled with a decision.

“Yes, but I know the rules; you taught me perfectly, and I’m the broker of this scene. Everything will be kept safe.”

“Even our safety protocols have limits of effectiveness,” I said. “This sort of thing is never really safe. That’s why it is against the rules.”

She sat up, leaning forward in her seat.

“Aaron,” she began. “I’ve known you for a long time now. I know her reasonably enough, or she wouldn’t be considered. Someone like me brokering and negotiating for the people involved is about as safe as you can get with an unprotected anonymous encounter.

I nodded, thinking about the emphasis she played on the words she had repeated several times now. She was teasing me. Of course I want to do it, I thought. There was a certain thrill in having sex with a woman I’ve never met without protection, a certain taboo. It was unwise, and against the rules for several reasons. And that is precisely why a primal part of me wanted so badly to do it, why the thrill existed behind the fantasy. This particular situation was, as Eliza said, about as safe as this sort of scene could ever get. A third party doing all of the necessary negotiations and checks, while the participants themselves get the full experience of their fantasy fulfilled. It was the only way I would ever allow such a thing, and she knew it.

“You know that I prefer to meet people and build relationships before playing, for reasons far beyond safety concerns.”

She nodded. “Compatibility, learning to read them, adjusting yourself to their needs. I know how you are. But I also know this is a major fantasy for you, and I’m certain this girl is a good fit for it.”

I took a deep breath, thinking and letting the idea sink in while all of my concerns bubbled up.

“Alright,” I said after a while. “I’ll do it.”

Yes!” she responded with an excited jump in her seat. “You won’t regret it. I promise!”

“There are a few things to discuss,” I said, interrupting her glee. “Even if I don’t know the person, I need to know the scenario. When, where. Her limits. Triggers.”

She gazed into my eyes for a moment, pulled from her own sudden fantasies. “Are you sure we should discussed the scenario in depth?”

I wondered for a moment. “Do you think we’re compatible enough for me to read her and play the scene on instinct?”

“I imagine it’s harder with a stranger, but you always have been good at inventing a scene on the spot.”

Nodding, I let my thoughts wander in that direction before replying. “Alright. We’ll discuss a couple of general things later, but if you think the go-with-the-flow scene structure will work with her, I trust you. So, when?”

She smiled. “When is for you to decide. I know your schedule, and she’s slightly more flexible. You and I can mediate something comfortable for her.”

“As for where,” she continued, “that should be here. I can drive her over, even lead her into the bedroom with a blindfold on. It’ll add an extra thrill for her, keep your address anonymous, and you’ll have full access to all the goodies of the dungeon if you decide to use them.”

I nodded. “Very good. The rest?”

“I’m afraid she’s not experienced enough to know herself too deeply. I’ve gone over checklists and stuff with her, but most of it just makes her curious. I expect she’s rather liberal sexually, but we won’t really know her limits until we begin to approach them, so we can only be careful and go through our normal protocols. Start slow and work up as you get a feel for her and learn to read her. Push her as far as you dare, though. Don’t baby her. She can probably handle most of what I can, she just hasn’t experienced as much as me. It’s all a bit different given the circumstances, but I trust you’ll figure out what she can handle quickly.”

I nodded again. “I’ll be gentle with her, then.”

She smirked, knowing well what my idea of gentle was. “As for traumas, or triggers that hit a nerve,” she continued with a more serious expression, “there are none that she’s shared with me. Again, our normal beginner protocols should work just fine for this scene.”

“And the overall scenario?” I asked.

“You’ll find a slutty woman you’ve never seen before in your bed after coming home,” she smiled. “The rest you can improvise.”

I chuckled. That could be quite fun.“What about safe words or signals?”

She widened her smile. “Her hand signal is the peace sign, and if you don’t keep her gagged the whole time her safe word is pudding.”

“Pudding?” I asked, raising a brow.

“Pudding.” She held firm with a smile, and I knew it was a story I would hear eventually.

“Alright,” I said, chuckling softly. “All noted. Thank you for preparing this properly.”

She smiled and blushed a little. “It is prepared properly, too. You have nothing to worry about on the safety front, and she has very good ideas of what to expect from you. Although the circumstances are different, all of our normal safety protocols and most of the other rules have been met. All you have to do is walk in and take her.”

I chuckled again. “As for when,” I said. “Tomorrow night?”

She grinned. “Perfect and done.”

We smiled to each other, sharing a warmth in silence. There are things that only lovers can share, things that are too much for mere words. Resisting each other, we each prepared the wicked plans we had for this new, anonymous encounter of mine.

As the evening rolled on, Eliza and I worked out the rest of the necessary details of what was going to take place. It was difficult to maintain the sense of spontaneity associated with this particular fantasy while setting everything up properly, but I decided I would much rather have this sense of security for what was going to happen than the sense of very real risk and danger I would have had, and the worry that would follow, after fulfilling the fantasy to the imaginary letter. Fantasies are great, but fulfilling them often requires a lot of thought and preparation.

When night came, we decided not to sleep together because we were both excited and knew what would happen.

“Besides,” Eliza said, “while you’re laying in bed thinking about my pussy, just imagine that tomorrow night you’re going to be releasing all that frustration on a fresh pussy you’ve never met.”

“You do know how to talk to a man,” I replied. And I love it.

She grinned and I knew that she understood my thoughts.

I did let my mind wander that night, but I ultimately decided to sleep and conserve my strength. Most of my fantasizing took place the next day. I rarely let myself be distracted while I work, but this was a special occasion and I had plenty to think about. The hours rolled on, and I’m certain I remained half erect the entire day. A couple of the people who know of my lifestyle even offered curious glances, but I survived the day without being obvious to most people.

After clocking out, I let my mind run a bit wilder. The drive home was insufferable as I let the pleasure build, let my thoughts explore every corner of my fantasy and what I was going to do. The anticipation built to an intense high by the time I pulled into the drive. While I refrained from moving in a hurry, controlling myself as I believed a man of my position should, I also made no effort to hide the bulge in my pants while walking up to my door. In retrospect, perhaps it’s a good thing that none of the neighbors were around at the time.

The knob turned under my hand and I stepped inside, locking it behind me. I noted that it had been left unlocked.

They’re waiting.

I walked silently through the house towards the bedroom. “The Dungeon,” as Eliza called it, was a lot more humble than it sounded. It was a rather normal bedroom, with a king sized bed and matching furniture placed where such things are meant to be. What impressed her about the place was my modifications to nearly everything in the room. It was my private dungeon; a normal bedroom at one moment, a torture chamber the next, and a romantic love nest the very next. Small changes can create large effects, and the entire room was designed to make those small changes very easy to implement.

Walking through the house, I noted the absence – or rather, the invisibility – of Eliza. I knew she would be somewhere, would surely be watching. Maybe through a video feed, maybe even hiding in the closet. But she would be nearby, both as voyeur and as our safety backup. I wondered where she would be hiding and how she would keep tabs on the scene she created for me and her friend, but as the door to my little dungeon came open my mind shifted elsewhere.

My expected guest was laying bound to the bed, wrists and ankles tied to the four corner posts by chain and leather shackle. It left her in a wide spread eagle position. She was gagged and blindfolded, and I took note that her ears were open to hear. I would make use of that.

I adjusted my walk, normally quiet, to make a little extra noise. I let her hear every step as I walked around the bed, sitting on the edge to look down on her. I expected her to feel my gaze, her imagination to run wild. What was I doing? Was I just going to look? Where would I touch first? A thousand questions racing through her mind, all placed there by what I didn’t do as much as by what I did. She squirmed under her restraints, and I knew I was in control.

Kicking off my shoes, I let them fall to the floor to let the small noise echo through the room. She gasped, trying to determine what it was, trying to hear and feel, or even smell what I was doing. I moved in my seat on the bed, letting her feel my movements and wonder what was coming while I removed my socks – taking my time, letting her think the vibrations in the mattress were something else; my approach, perhaps.

I stood, my bare feet not making a sound as I walked around the bed once more. Slowly I stepped, letting my eyes wander over her naked flesh and studying her as my own imagination and instincts flared. I was planning. Plotting the most effective ways to make use of the situation, make use of her tension and her desire. Stopping at the foot of the bed, I looked upon her, taking in the entirety of her lithe beauty and the eroticism of her current situation.

My arousal quickly flared to new heights as I stared at the swell of her breasts, moving with her heavy breathing. Looking down, I noted that her pussy was bare; the sensitive flesh shaven clean – perhaps by Eliza, I thought, adding another surge to my arousal – and glistening with her fluids. She knew I was there, watching and building her anticipation. She knew, and her anticipation grew rapidly. I watched her squirm, the leather cuffs around her ankles keeping her slender and smooth legs in place. I smiled and continued my casual walk.

Lightly, gently I touched my finger to the sole of her left foot as I came around. She jumped and gasped, surprised by my first touch coming at such a place. I smiled at her reaction, genuinely amused, and softly caressed my way up her leg. Touching gently her ankle, calf and knee. Lightly caressing her inner thigh. Higher, closer my hand moved, barely in contact with her hot flesh. She squirmed, trying to move towards my hand, trying to rush me towards her intended target. My amusement rose as I held my hand at the same pressure while it traveled up her leg, not giving in to her silent demands. Before I reached her sensitive and swollen folds, I moved my hand away. She groaned at the loss of touch and I smiled broadly, suppressing a chuckle.

I sat on the edge of the bed, my left hand touching her again a little higher. I let my palm rest against her lower abdomen as I spoke.

“You don’t know who I am,” I said, “and I do not know who you are, either.”

But we are going to learn plenty soon enough, I thought.

My hand slowly moved higher, caressing my way up lightly as before. She squirmed under my touch, wanting and aching for more.

“But I will tell you,” I continued, “if you haven’t noticed by now, that I enjoy teasing.”

She nodded, squirming as my hand moved closer to her breasts. I closed my fingers, lightly touching her between the soft mounds. I smiled when she resisted the obvious urge to move, forcing my hand to touch where it was avoiding.

“And I will also tell you this,” I said as I lifted my palm, my fingers beginning to trace a figure eight around her breasts. “You have willingly walked into this scenario, knowing that I will do with you as I wish.”

She nodded twice, squirming and moving her legs as if to squeeze and grind while failing to do so under my chains. Her breathing became a shallow pant.

“Do you know what I wish?” I asked, my voice deeper with arousal.

She shook her head. I smiled, knowing precisely what I was doing to her. Thoughts were racing through her mind even as the arousal grew and blurred everything out. I had every intention of making her remember this day, remember me.

I leaned in, lowering myself to speak into her ear. My hand began moving lower, caressing its way down her belly again. She arched her back in anticipation.

“I’m going to fuck you like an animal, you wicked little slut,” I said. My voice sunk deeper, making it sound like a growl.

She gasped, arching her back. I could almost feel the surge echoing through her body from my words, and my hand quickly emphasized it. I pulled away right before I got to my target again, but this time I brought my hand down sharply, slapping her swollen and dripping folds with a rough strike. She screamed through the gag, squirming her body as much as she could under her firm restraints. I thrust my middle and ring finger inside of her, and there was no difficulty in doing so; she was tight, squeezing my fingers in a vise grip, but she was also lubricated well by her own desire. I began calculating how the main course would feel for me as my hand moved.

I had no tease to offer now, nor mercy to lend. My hand became a blur as I plunged my fingers inside her over and over at my strongest pace. She screamed from behind the gag while her body squirmed and thrashed under me, held tight by the strength of her bonds. She gripped my fingers even more firmly than before and I smiled, recognizing the signs. I extended my right hand to grab the cloth covering her eyes and in a flash it was gone, lost somewhere in the room behind me. I leaned over her, gazing into her wide green eyes. My hand never slowed, my fingers pushing her towards an unseen edge.

“Look,” I said, pulling her gaze into my own sharp eyes, on fire with the passion I felt. “Feel,” I continued, leading her thoughts with a deep growl. “Feel me inside you, feel me take you.”

Her eyes grew wider, mesmerized by my words and their effect while getting lost in my actions. Her head was certain to be spinning, her mind willingly obeying my aggressive and commanding voice. She shuddered and gasped as her entire body suddenly became more sensitive to me, more aware of my touch and my very presence. I enjoyed these mind games, and I made a point of becoming very good at them a long time ago.

And this is why. This power, this control.

I glared into her eyes intensely as I watched her reactions, felt her tension rise and her breath get lost somewhere in her own passion. I watched the signs, feeling them, waiting patiently for the right moment. The moment came, her entire mind and body right on the edge.

It just might work on her, I thought.

“Come for me,” I growled, glaring into her eyes.

Her eyes grew even wider as her body instantly obeyed, and I suppressed my grin. The restraints kept her spread eagle as she lost control of her limbs and the pleasure whisked her away to another world.

“Come for me,” I growled again, leaning down into her ear. “Come. Feel it all and just come for me.”

She screamed as her body obeyed me completely. My fingers still reaching inside of her, a little slower, a little more softly as I carefully brought her down from an intense climax so that her body would still want and be ready for more. She finally collapsed, limp in her restraints, panting and softly moaning as my vigorous massage became a slow and gentle caress. Little by little, my movements came to a stop. I rose up, sitting beside her with my hand in place while I waited for her to catch her breath.

Slowly her breathing settled and she opened her eyes. I looked into them, seeing the glaze and knowing she was looking at me from another world, from her subspace. I resisted a smile and suppressed the pride of succeeding at these mind games on a stranger, opting instead to wiggle my fingers inside of her. She arched her back, moaned softly and then looked down, becoming more aware of where my hand still was. I then withdrew my fingers, slowly and carefully raising my hand up into her sight. Her eyes grew wide and she blushed when she saw what I meant her to see – a thick string of her fluids, dripping from my fingers back into the puddle between her legs.

It was time for me to smile as my hand moved slowly towards my lips. I watched her eyes, and she watched me intently as I brought my fingers to my lips. Slowly, erotically I began licking, tasting her. I was not shy about it, and I expressed my pleasure with smiles and soft moans as I tasted and very audibly swallowed every drop of her I could find on my hand. By the time I was finished, she was already beginning to squirm once again. I smiled and stood, knowing it was time to get more serious.

I walked to the end of the bed and held her left foot while I worked with a clasp to release the chain that held her down. I didn’t touch the red leather cuff locked to her ankle, admiring the way it looked against her creamy flesh, and stepped over to her right leg. She watched me as I moved over to her right foot, bending and stretching her left leg to enjoy the freedom of movement. Her right leg free of its chain, ankle still wrapped in thick red leather, I released her and walked around the bed.

While she stretched and moved her legs, I leaned forward and held her right hand as I unchained her wrist, throwing a quick glance that told her not to get carried away with her freedom to touch before I stepped away and calmly walked around the bed once more. Her gaze followed my every step. On the other side, I held her left hand as the final chain fell away. I stepped back and looked down at her, still breathing heavily and covered in a glistening layer of sweat. Free to move, she lay almost completely still, waiting and expecting me to instruct her. She didn’t have long to wait.

“Sit up, slut,” I commanded, my voice still low.

She rose.

“On the edge of the bed.”

She turned, moving to the edge of the bed and lowering her legs over the side. She sat still, her posture erect, waiting for whatever would come next. I ran my fingers through her strawberry blond hair, reaching around to the back of her head. Gazing into her eyes, my fingers knowing where to move, I unclasped the ball gag and slowly pulled it away from her. Drool ran down her chin, dripping onto her chest.

Then it occurred to her that she was free. She looked up at me, confusion and a hint of disappointment showing.

“Is that all?” she asked innocently, her voice cracking a little.

I looked into her eyes, knowing why she must have thought so. It all seemed to be winding down, her freedom at its doors. But that is what I want you to think. I grabbed her hair roughly, pulling her face closer to mine.

“Do I look finished to you?” I growled. I kept my expression neutral, but let my eyes glare. There was no anger, just intensity. A fire was rising, but the flames came from something much deeper and far more sensual than mere anger. I was not finished in the slightest. And she will know it.

“No, Sir,” she squeaked after an automatic gasp.

I suppressed my grin, maintaining the tension and intensity as I tightened my grip and pulled her forward.

“Stand,” I commanded.

She stood, her legs weakened by her recent climax and shaking to reflect it. Keeping a tight grip on her hair, I looked into her eyes, noting her height was the same as mine. The fire in my eyes seemed to poke at the fire in hers, deepening the glaze that reflected her pleasure and her head space. My left hand touched her hip, pulling her body against me. I moved slowly, deliberately playing on the tension of the moment. Exciting her, filling her with anticipation of what she knew would come and expected to come next.

I kissed her.

Our lips touched softly at first, and then she wrapped her arms around me. Hands were feeling, arms were squeezing. In a moment, tongues were touching. I kissed her, deeply and passionately, feasting on her desires while stoking them all the more. I took her hands, leading them to my shirt. She never looked, her lips never left mine as she simply felt and understood. She unclasped the buttons, one after the other. My shirt fell, littering the floor as her arms wrapped around me once more. She felt of me, squeezing muscle and flesh as she burned with a desire for more.

I pulled her away by the hair, breaking the kiss. She pouted, even as she breathed heavily from a lack of air. Gazing into her eyes with an intensity even stronger than before, I issued a new command with a growl.


She smiled, obeying happily as she sank to her knees.

“Do I need to tell you what to do next, slut?” I asked.

“No, Sir,” she smiled.

Quickly her hands were at my belt, shaking from the rush of excitement – excitement from everything that already happened, as well as for what was about to happen. She opened my pants, grabbing the hem of my boxers and pulled both down together. I stood still and watched her expression as it changed; the playful and obedient smile replaced with a wanton, open mouthed stare as my pants came down and revealed the object of her desire. A strangers hard cock.

She caressed her hands down my thighs, continuing the task of removing my pants as her face leaned closer. She pressed her cheek against me, feeling my swollen heat against her skin. I looked down into her eyes, observing the lust overtake her as I stepped out of my pants. I kicked them behind me as she extended her tongue, tasting me. She kept her hands on my legs and used only her face as she nuzzled, licked and kissed my shaft softly. I smiled, recognizing the pleasure it brought her to serve and observing how lost she became in her focus, in her tender and intimate affections.

“You’re a tease,” I said. And I really like it.

“Always with a happy ending,” she protested, nuzzling her cheek against me and grinning. “You don’t seem to mind.”

“Any other time, I wouldn’t.”

“And this time?” she asked, her tongue drawing lines up and down my length between her words.

“This isn’t any other time.”

I grabbed her hair once more, pulling her head back. She gasped, surprised by my sudden action. Taking advantage of her open mouth, I thrust inside her without hesitation.

“Tonight,” I said, “I’m going to fuck you like the slutty little animal that you are.”

Her eyes widened and she found herself unable to move because of my grip and unable to speak because of her full mouth. She attempted to nod, but that didn’t work either. She was trapped, mine to do with as I pleased – and I was pleased to thrust deeper into her mouth. She held my hips as they moved, picking up speed as I worked my way into her throat. Her eyes watered and tears rolled down her cheeks as her body reacted to the invasion, but her moaning gave away how much she enjoyed the aggressiveness. She controlled her gag reflex and relaxed, giving me all the power I took except the one thing she was able to do, the one thing she wanted to do so badly her body reacted regardless of her flickering will power.

As my grip tightened on her hair and my hips moved faster, she sucked with all the strength she could muster, tightening her mouth and throat and using her tongue where it could reach. I doubt she even heard my vocal reactions over her own moans of pleasure. I held nothing back in my movements, taking her open mouth and throat and using her as a mere device of pleasure; thrusting into her as I would any other sexual hole in her body. When I got close, I decided not to hold back the first round too long and I pulled her hair back, turning her face higher. I held myself in her throat and gazed into her glassy eyes as I spoke in a calm, low voice.

“I am going to come.”

Her watery and glassy eyes suddenly got sharper as my declaration sank in, and she clamped her lips around me.

“And you’re going to swallow every drop, aren’t you? Like a good slut. ”

She nodded as frantically as she could, nearly choking and losing her breath after the motion caused me to move unexpectedly in her throat. She quickly relaxed and took a slow, deep breath through her nose, never losing eye contact.


I held her head between my hands, moving my hips as I locked my eyes on hers. My movements were not slow or fast, but were paced and deliberate. I knew my body and the timing was mine to control now. I watched her and watched the anticipation build from my announcement. It took a moment, but I finally saw what I wanted – an expression of pleading. Her recognition that I was holding back intentionally now, eyes that begged me to stop teasing and feed her. I pulled back until only the tip remained inside her lips, and with a groan I surrendered to the pleasure.

A soft moan escaped her throat as she felt me throb against and bathe her tongue with my come. Not knowing what my next movement would be, she quickly swallowed. As my climax waned she began sucking and licking softly along my length and I softened slightly in her mouth, but not as much as she expected. Delighted, she continued pleasuring me until I stepped back and released her.

Exhausted from a lack of air and being used so roughly, she seemed surprised by her own weakness as she fell back and leaned against the side of the bed. Panting, her eyes glazed even more than earlier, she watched me walk to the night stand and return holding a bottle. I wiped something from her chin and rubbed my finger against her tongue, and she realized she had failed to swallow every drop after all. Her eyes sharpened and she looked up at me, perhaps expecting a punishment. Instead, I lifted a bottle of water to her lips.

“Drink,” I said as I held the bottle for her. Your punishment will come later.

She lifted her hand to cover mine and drank slowly. The relief to her throat and mouth was enough to draw out a soft moan.

“Good girl.”

She moaned louder in response to my praise. I smiled, and when the bottle was half empty I raised it from her lips and poured the rest over her face and down her chest. She gasped, the cold water suddenly washing away some of her exhaustion and snapping her awake. She tried to speak, only to lose her voice with her breath. I held her hair, holding her head back so that her face was properly soaked. The ice cold water ran down over her chest and thighs, into her lap. It flowed over her swollen folds, causing her to jump even as she moaned in pleasure.

When the bottle was finally empty, she found her breath and voice after a moment of gasping. Sitting in a puddle on the floor, she looked up at me with mixed feelings.

“What the fuck was that for?” she asked with a hint of irritation.

I smiled. “To wash away the drool, and to wake you up for what’s coming next.”

She tilted her head, wondering in a moment of confusion. “What’s coming next?”

I bent down and grabbed beneath her arms, lifting her off the floor and throwing her back onto the bed like a child. She squealed and landed with her legs spread wide. I grabbed her thighs, holding them apart as she looked down to find my eyes.

“This,” I said with a grin as I lowered my head. “It’s my turn to eat.”

She spread her legs wider and bit her lip, a moan of anticipation escaping her.

I started with a tease, kissing her knee and working my way up as she trembled beneath me. I contrasted the firm grip I held on her legs with butterfly kisses until halfway up her inner thigh, where I bit down.

She moaned, jerking under me and gripping the sheets. “Yes!”

I held my teeth against her flesh long enough to be certain it would leave a mark before kissing my way up again. When I finally got to her dripping folds, I kissed lightly everywhere except my final target. She trembled and moaned under my attention, attempting to shift her hips to control the pleasure.

“You’re a damn tease yourself,” she said.

I chuckled and kissed my way over her other thigh, leaving her to groan in frustration until I bit down again.

Fuck yes!” she growled. “Mark me! Hurt me”

I raised my head to meet her eyes, licking at the new mark on her inner thigh.

“You want me to hurt you, hm?” I asked.

She shivered, either from my tongue against her thigh or from the darkness that crept into my gaze. “Yes,” she whispered. “Fuck me, use me, hurt me. Make me yours.” Her voice grew with her declarations. “Take my slutty body and use it, you fucking animal!”

My dark side swelled and I bit the inside of my lip to push it back down, controlling myself to not go too far. Actions may have been suppressed, but whatever was in my eyes must not have been. She gasped.

“I want to hurt you,” I said. The tone of my voice changed somewhere as the animal crept forward, wanting to run wild and take her.

“Hurt me.”

“I want to spank you,” I continued.

“Spank me!”

I ran my tongue along her outer lips, making a full, gentle circle all the way around. She moaned, but held herself still. Good girl.

“I want to bite you.”

“Yes! Bite me more!”

I nibbled lightly on her outer folds, playing the tease and letting the contrast of my actions and my words build her up.

“I want to mark you,” I growled with the deepest and most primal tone I could muster.

Fuck,” she released as a long groan. “Yes.”

I raised my head just slightly. She watched intently, but my hand moved so quickly she didn’t understand until it was done. I brought my hand up and down swiftly, slapping my fingers against her clit.

“Oh!” she cried out with a jump, pushing her hips forward as her legs spread wider.

That was all the encouragement I needed. My hand came down twice more, striking her lips and again her clit.

“Oh! Fuck,” she groaned.

I moved my hand again and she flinched, even as she held her legs wide. She expected me to strike again. Instead, I leaned down and thrust my tongue inside of her.

“Oh yes,” she sighed.

I want to hurt her, I thought.

I dug my nails into her thighs, squeezing to ensure that they sunk in and caused pain. She groaned, somehow not finding a word for my attention as my tongue dug deeper and explored her. I left behind my desire to tease and instead devoured her. Roughly, hungrily, I devoured her pussy as my nails left marks in her pale flesh.

Fuck,” she finally cried out. “I’m going to come again.”

I growled in response, flicking my tongue around inside her.

“Oh fuck.”

My hands moved up her sides while I my tongue and lips continued their feast.

“Oh, please. Hurt me more.”

I planned to, I thought as my nails raked their way down her sides.

“Oh my fuck yes!” she cried out and arched her back, the pain and pleasure mixing in just the right way as I pushed her over the edge.

She clamped her thighs around my head and lost control of her body as she let out a long scream, my nails digging into her hips while my tongue gave attention to the most sensitive corners of her pussy that I could reach.

Screams echoed through the room and through the house while she rode the waves of pleasure. I pushed her further, paying attention to her body and trying to read where one wave ended and the next began. I pushed as far as I dared, as far as I thought I could, and then started easing my attentions to wind her down. She whimpered and cooed, shuddered and shivered as the after shocks coursed through her body. I encouraged them, holding my place and showering her pussy with gentle attention. A kiss, a nibble, a lick or a suckle on her outer lips. Minutes rolled by as I slowly eased her into a relaxed afterglow.

Her legs were spread again as she opened herself, enjoying my gentle explorations. When her breathing returned to normal I rose, crawling up the bed to stand over her on my hands and knees. She looked up at me with glazed eyes and a very satisfied expression, causing me to grin with some satisfaction of my own. I caressed her cheek, leaning down to kiss her lips softly.

Our lips and tongues began an entangled dance as we shared our passion and desire for each other, and her arms rose to wrap around my neck.

“I suddenly have a preference for men with good nails,” she said between panting and kissing.

I laughed and continued kissing her, running a nail along her cheek bone to tease her. “The nails are only a tool,” I teased. “It’s how they’re used that counts.”

She giggled under me, running a hand over my chest as our kissing continued to shift between playful and passionate. “I hope there are other tools that you know how to use that well,” she returned.

I grinned and looked into her eyes, a flare of dominant passion returning. “I do have a rather big tool box, with all sorts of goodies,” I said. “In fact, I have several such tool boxes, and most of them are in this very room.”

The shine in her eyes told me that wheels were turning in that pretty little head of hers, considering what sort of toys I had and what I may use on her.

“Is there anything in particular you would like to try?” I asked, kissing again.

“Too many things,” she said as a finger trailed down my chest. “Other times,” she continued, “if we could have them, I’d love to explore every single tool in every single one of those glorious boxes.”

I smiled, noting the open invitation and the hope to have it returned. I remained quiet on that subject. For now. We will see.

“And this time?” I asked.

She smiled, her finger descending further. “This time,” she said as her hand wrapped around my cock, “I believe our purpose is a bit more. . . primal.” Her smile widened into a smug grin, and the twinkle in her eyes expressed wild desire and excitement.

I subdued the desire to take here there and then, and instead took a quiet breath to relax. “If you have any doubts, you can stop now or any time you need to.”

She squeezed my cock. “Oh, no. Fuck no, you silly man.”

I raised a brow.

“Fuck no, Sir!” she corrected with a grin. “You’ve won me over. I want you as much as I’ve ever wanted anything. Right now. Right here.” She raised her free hand to touch my cheek, looking into my eyes. “I know you want this as much as I do. We share this, so let’s make it happen.”

I smiled warmly and leaned down to kiss her as she continued to stroke me. “Do you remember what I said earlier?” I asked, dropping back into my role.

She raised her brows. “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve come since then?”

“Six, not including aftershocks.”

She giggled and squeezed my cock. “Damn, you are good.”

“So they say. You don’t remember?”

“I might, but my head is so. . .”

I chuckled softly, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down her cheek as I lowered myself to her ear. I lowered my voice to a deep and dangerous growl as I summoned primal desire from deep inside me.

“I’m going to fuck you like an animal, you wicked little slut.”

“Ohh,” she moaned and I watched as a shiver ran through her body. “Yes, please.”

I smiled. This is going to be fun.

She opened her legs wider as I lowered my hips. Her eyes followed and she held a tight grip on me, not wanting to let go until I was inside of her. Watching closely, she moved her hand away only once I slipped into her wet folds and disappeared. I pressed in slowly, pushing as deep as I could before grinding gently. Satisfied with our erotic connection, she laid her head back and lifted her eyes to meet mine, a soft glaze returning to her expression.

“Finally,” she whispered.

I smiled and began moving my hips slowly, getting a feel for her and finding a steady rhythm. We moved at that steady pace and simply enjoyed the pleasure as time rolled on around us, kissing and exploring as much as we wanted. As we silently let our pleasure build, I finally began approaching my edge. Kissing her neck, I whispered a soft tease into her ear.

“I’m going to come inside of you.”

She trembled as her legs wrapped around me. “Yes.”

“I’m going to fuck you,” I said, “and fill you up with my come.” My hips began moving faster, her legs clamped tight to pull me back in as deep as possible with every thrust.

“Fuck yes.”

“A man you’ve never met is about to fill you with his come.”

“Oh my god,” she groaned. Her pussy tightened with my verbal attacks, and my pace increased with every thrust.

“A perfect stranger,” I whispered into her ear, panting a bit myself.


“You don’t even know my name, you slut, and I’m going to fill you with my come.”

“Oh my god yes,” she moaned and snapped. “Fuck me. Use me. Come inside me, you fucking animal. A stranger is in your bed giving you everything. Come for me!” She clamped her legs tighter around my hips and dug her nails into my back. “Dump your come in my hungry little pussy!”

Shit,” I growled. I bit down on her neck just to distract myself from the edge she pushed me towards.

“Oh fuck yes,” she screamed in turn. “Hurt me and fuck me!” She raked her nails up my back, causing me to growl into her neck and clamp my teeth down harder. I thrust into her as rough as I dared, holding myself on edge. “Come inside me and make me come. Come inside me and make your filthy little slut come for you. Make me come,” she screamed as she pulled my hair. “Make me . . . oh fuck, come for me!”

I stopped holding back and surrendered, thrusting as deep as I could. All rhythm was lost to grinding and squirming as a powerful orgasm ripped through me.

Fuck me,” she growled. “I’m coming.”

She returned my grinding and writhed beneath me, losing control of her body as the strongest orgasm yet took her. I held her down with my teeth and embrace, holding my cock deep inside her as she spasmed and milked every drop out of me.

We lay against each other in a tight embrace, connected in an intimate way as aftershocks and a warm afterglow spread through us both. Time passed by as we relaxed and enjoyed our warmth.

“You’re hard,” she whispered after a while.

“Yes, I am.”

“It didn’t go soft and slip out.”

“No, it didn’t.” I kissed her neck and nuzzled my cheek against hers.

“Damn you,” she said. “I could get addicted.”

“To having a strangers come inside you?”

“No, dummy. Well, maybe. . . ”

I chucked and nipped at her ear.

Ah,” she shivered. “No, Sir, I mean. . .” She rubbed her hands over my back, tracing the marks she left behind earlier. “I mean I could get addicted to you.”

I raised my head to look into her eyes, offering a smile. She looked expectant, wondering what I would say to her confession of passion. My mind raced with a million answers, but all of them would spoil the mood. Fuck it, I thought as I leaned down to kiss her. Her lips parted for me and I caressed her cheek, holding her body against me and still holding myself deep inside of her pussy as our tongues danced. I kissed her passionately, answering her unspoken questions with action instead of unsteady words. She moaned and writhed under me, returning my passion and squeezing her pussy around me.

As our kiss waned, I rose again to look into her eyes. She had a content, happy expression as I rubbed my thumb over her cheek. “I’m not done with you just yet, my slut.”

She smiled. “I hope not, my Master.”

I chuckled and lifted myself up slowly. It felt odd being called that by a stranger. But it feels good. I sat on my knees and slowly pulled out of her, watching my cum follow. I wasn’t soft, but not quite as erect as before either. I knew my body, though, and began calculating how to push things further.

My hand touched her pussy and she shivered as my fingers wiggled their way inside. I scooped up as much cum as my fingers could hold, and held her lustful gaze as I brought them to her lips. She moaned and tasted our mixture.

“Cocktail a le Stranger,” I said. “Made of pure, one hundred percent mixed come of people who have never met.”

She giggled as her tongue cleaned every drop from my fingers. “It’s delicious.”

“We’re going to make more in a minute,” I said. “But we’re going to do something else first.”

She grinned. “And what would that be?”

I smiled warmly, holding an intense stare while my hand wandered down to her breasts. “I’m going to bind you and spank you until your ass is red, my slut.”

Her eyes widened. “Spanking?”


“You’re gonna have your hands all over my cute little ass?” she asked in a coy, adorable tone.

“All over,” I smiled.

“You’re gonna slap my ass and pussy with your strong hands and leave your mark to remind me of the sexy stranger that hurt me and fucked me and filled me up with his delicious come?”

“I’m going to mark you,” I growled. Damn, this woman had a mouth. My cock began to regain its firmness just from her teasing.

She grinned as I toyed with her nipple, happy that she was getting to me. “Please do,” she said. “Spank me and mark me, hurt me real good so you can fuck me and fill me with come again.”

I smirked, enjoying the game as much as she did. I once again lowered my tone, commanding and authoritative. “Roll over, bitch.”

She gasped at the sudden change in tone and word, not moving.

I slapped her thigh hard enough to leave a light hand print, even as I made a mental note regarding the word I used and its affect on her. She jumped and squealed, holding my gaze as her eyes widened. “Roll over!”

She quietly obeyed, moving away from me and rolling onto her belly.

“On your hands and knees,” I said as I moved to the night stand. I grabbed a couple of large snap hooks before moving into position behind her. “Head down. Give me your hands through your legs.”

She obeyed, and her wrists were at rest next to her ankles. I’d ignored them for a while, but I was glad I’d left her shackles on. I took one snap hook and connected it to her right wrist, moving it into position to clip the other end to the shackle onto her left ankle. In a moment the other wrist followed, and she laid securely bound with her ass in the air.

“Now,” I said slowly as my hand stretched over her ass, “I am going to hurt you.”

She shivered. “Yes. Spank me, Sir. I’ve been a wicked girl and I need a good hard spanking.”

I smiled. So we’ll play that game, huh. “You have been terrible, girl.” I rubbed my hand over her cheeks. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?”

“Yes,” she said. “I let my friend tie me to her lovers bed, gag me and blindfold me.”

I squeezed her ass. “But that isn’t all, is it?

“Oh no, I did much worse than that.”

“Tell me what you did, you slut.”

“When her lover came home, he found me tied up on his bed and his woman nowhere in sight.”

“And what did he do?” I pressed, letting my hand rub over her pussy.

She moaned before she replied. “He teased me, touched me and felt of me. He was so fucking good, he made me come like the filthy little slut that I am.”

“Tut, tut,” I said. “Letting a man you’ve never met finger you. Such a slut.”

“Yes, and more!” she jumped as I lightly slapped at her clit.

“More?” I asked innocently.

“Lots more, Sir.” She wiggled her ass. I suppressed a chuckle as I smacked her cheek. Not enough for a proper spanking, but enough to make her want more. “Oh,” she moaned. “Lots more. Then he untied me and held me. He kissed me and pushed me to my knees. I sucked his cock, and he held my head and fucked my throat. He came in my mouth and – oh!”

I spanked her left cheek hard, finally giving her a good dose of pain. “You’re such a slut. Doing all of this with a perfect stranger.”

“All that and more, Sir!” She squealed the last word as my hand came down again, striking the right cheek.

“How much are you willing to do with a man you’ve never met, you slut?”

“Everything!” she yelled. “After I swallowed his delicious come, he ate my pussy and made me come agai—ah!” Her ass jumped as my hand came down again, moving back to the left side. “And then he fucked me!” she continued as I struck her right cheek again.

“No condom, I bet.” I massaged her ass, rubbing in the sting as well as warming her up for more.

“No, he just thrust into me and fucked me and—ah, ah!” I struck again, hitting each cheek once.

“And what? You just let a perfect stranger fuck you bareback? I bet you let him come inside you, too.”

“Yes, yes!” she screamed. Her pussy was soaked and practically dripping down her thighs, and I was no longer anywhere near soft. I struck her ass twice again, once for each side. “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned. “He pounded me and fucked me hard and came deep inside my slutty pussy,” she continued.

“Such a wicked girl,” I said while striking her ass again, alternating from side to side.

“Yes! I’m a wicked little slut, I—oh fuck,” she squealed as I struck her pussy.

“You most certainly are. And wicked sluts need good spankings.”

“Oh my god yes,” she moaned. I struck her ass again, once for each cheek and with a bit more strength than before. “Fuck,” she groaned. “Yes!”

“You know what else wicked sluts need?” I asked while rubbing her ass, enjoying the reddened glow.

“What?” she asked, hoping she knew the answer.

“More come in their slutty pussy,” I said. Before she could reply my cock was against her lower lips and disappearing inside of her.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “Fuck yes. Fuck me!” she screamed as I leaned over her. I grabbed her hair and lifted her head slightly. She couldn’t see me, but I made sure she could hear me.

“I’m going to fuck you plenty, slut. I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to hurt you more, I’m going to make you scream and I’m going to make you come.”

“Fuck!” she screamed as I began pumping my hips, holding nothing back.

“I’m going to come inside your pussy.”


I groaned as I pulled her hair and dug my nails into her hips for leverage. I gave all my strength to my hips, thrusting into her as deep and as roughly as I could. She lost her sense for words and screamed nonsense, and admittedly I had trouble speaking myself.

“Fucking come for me,” I yelled with the loudest animal voice I could find. “You dirty slut! Come on a strangers bare cock!”

Oh my god,” she screamed as her body tightened.

“Come, come, come!” I shouted. “Come, you filthy little come slut!”

Whatever sound it was that left her, it was no word of any language I knew. She screamed, a deep and primal scream that expressed things no word could. Her pussy tightened and spasmed around me, but I wasn’t even close to the edge. I simply enjoyed the feeling as I thrust into her relentlessly. Only when I could feel her climax wane did I slow my thrusts, winding down to a steady pace to let her catch her breath.

“Fuck,” she whispered. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

I grinned, suppressing a chuckle as I moved my hands around to squeeze her chest. She trembled as I held her.

“Fucking fuckity fuck.”

At that I finally released a laugh, causing me to lose my rhythm and thrust into her at a different angle.

“Oh god. Oh,” she moaned as I nibbled on her shoulder. “You didn’t come that time, did you?”


“You need to come inside me,” she said.

“I do, and I will.” I took control of my hips again. “Can you hold this position a bit longer, or do you need to move?”

“I can still feel everything, so I should be fine. More importantly, this is my new favorite position.”

I chuckled and thrust into her a bit harder.

“Mmm. Yes, I want you to fuck me and come inside of me just like this.”

“And I will. I’m going to fill your slutty pussy with my come.”

“Oh yes, please.”

I kissed the back of her neck before raising up for more leverage, digging my nails into both of her hips as mine began finding rhythm.

“It won’t be long now. I won’t hold back, slut. I’m going to come again.”

“Oh fuck, yes. Fill me up. Tied down and ready for you, unable to resist. At your mercy! Fuck me. Fuck me and use me and come inside me!”

I squeezed her hips, increasing my pace as much as I could. “I’m using you for my pleasure.”

“Yes! Use my dirty pussy for your pleasure,” she said. I slapped her ass, focusing on thrusting into her and finding my edge. “Fuck yes. Use me.”

I slapped her ass once more. “I’m hurting you for my pleasure.”

Yes! Hurt me, fuck me!”

I leaned over her and pulled her hair, my other hand digging into her hips and leaving more little red marks. “I’m going to come inside of you.”

“Oh my god,” she yelled. “You’re going to make me come again.”

“Good,” I growled. Thrusting into her as roughly as I could without interrupting my words, I teased her more. “You can come as much as you want, slut. You can come like the dirty little animal you are while I fill you up with my come.”

“Oh fuck,” she screamed. “Close!” She bit down on the sheets and released a primal scream as her pussy clamped down on me like a vise.

I hadn’t been so close, but the way her pussy spasmed around me as she came pulled me to the edge. Fuck, I thought. She’s good.

Leaning down so she could hear me, I raised voice and growled. “I’m going to come, slut. A stranger is going to come in your pussy. Again!”

“Fuck,” she groaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Her pussy clamped down tighter, begging me to fill her.

I groaned, releasing my own primal sounds as I thrust into her and came. “Coming,” I managed to blurt out as my own orgasm ripped through me. “Feel me inside you! Come for me again!”

She screamed louder, another orgasm ripping through her to match mine. We both lost our senses again as we surrendered to the pleasure. While the pleasure was running its course we collapsed onto our sides at some point, and I managed to stay inside her as we did. Grinding and slowly humping as she squeezed down on me, milking every drop. I wrapped my arms around her and we laid there for a moment, enjoying the warmth.

“Fuck,” she said.

I laughed. “You could make a sailor blush, you know.”

“He’d do a lot more than blush after I got his cock in my mouth.”

I laughed harder.

“How do you do that?” she asked, still panting and sorting out her thoughts. “Make me come. On command, for fucks sake. Like I’m a dog.”

“It’s a mind thing,” I said as I kissed her shoulder. “Luckily we have a certain chemistry, so I can read you well enough. I can tell when you’re close, and by instinct or intuition I can usually tell what words will push you over.”

“Do you have any idea how amazing that is?”

I shrugged, raising up and slowly pulling out. We both moaned at the absence of our intimate connection. “I observe, my dear Watson.”

She giggled and I rolled her onto her back, reaching between her legs to release her bondage. Her legs spread wide as she stretched. “That’s definitely my new favorite position.”

I smiled, watching her pussy as my come leaked out once again. She grinned when she caught my gaze, moving her hand down into her messy folds. Fingers explored and scooped up our mixture before she brought it to her lips.

“What did you call it?” she asked. “Cocktail Stranger?” She giggled and licked her fingers clean. “It’s still delicious.”

I looked at the clock and saw how much time had passed. “And the night is still young,” I said.

She grinned. “You got soft that time.”

Leaning down I kissed her belly and then kissed my way up, over her chest and to her lips. “I’m sure,” I said between kisses, “that a beautiful, sexy, talented, filthy mouthed slut like you can think of some way to remedy that.”

“Mmm, maay be.” She smiled and we kissed, exploring each other with more gentle affections after wearing ourselves down. “I’m certainly going to try.”

The rest of the night went by in a blur. We explored each others bodies in every way we could think without calling on too many toys. At some point, even the shackles came off and we just became two sweaty bodies passionate for each other. I didn’t come again, but she did get me hard and I was happy to send her through several more orgasms.

When she finally fell asleep I smiled and laid beside her, taking her into my arms and relaxing myself. Her warmth against me, I surrendered to the darkness and slept soundly.

When I drifted back into consciousness, I noticed three distinct things. First was the warmth of the beautiful girl curled up in my arms, pressing herself against me in a positively adorable way. Second, as my eyes pulled themselves open, was the intense light of the mid-morning sun beaming into the bedroom. I immediately dismissed the sun and turned my eyes down to my cuddle partner, her head resting on my chest. My nose caught the third detail. The smell of breakfast, no doubt Eliza’s wonderful efforts. There was an ache in my stomach that needed attention, but I dismissed it along with the smell in the same way I dismissed the sun: by returning my attention to the woman in my arms.

I want her, I thought.

For a moment I wondered if it were even possible to take her again after doing so much the night before; but every man who knows his body has a trick or two, and after a few moments of focusing I felt a familiar tingle. Her breasts were pressed against me as she rested in my arms, and with a leg spread over mine I could feel her pussy lips against my thigh. I let my mind explore the feelings of her warmth, taking in the sight of her body and her sleeping face. Focusing on her, it took only a few moments before I was hard again and pressing against her thigh in the same way she was pressed against mine.

I stirred to move down against her, waking her with a shower of butterfly kisses. She writhed and moaned against me as she slowly woke up, opening her eyes to meet mine as I kissed her lips and let my hands wander over her bare flesh.

“Good morning, sexy.”

She closed her eyes again and smiled, returning my kiss as she wrapped her arms around me. “Good morning, you insatiable man.”

“Says the insatiable woman,” I returned, sealing her lips with a kiss before she could reply.

My cock rested against her abdomen as we slowly explored each other, enjoying the foreplay. I kissed my way down her cheek and nibbled on her ear before I whispered, “I’m going to come inside you again.”

“Mmm,” she moaned. “For a stranger, you sure are generous.”

I smiled. “Aren’t I, though?”

She giggled, reaching down to squeeze my cock. “Fuck me, stranger. Take me again.”

I kissed her again and raised myself onto my knees. In a moment my cock was slipping into her wet folds once more, and I lifted her legs onto my shoulders.

“Oh, yes. I love this position,” she said.

“You love any position that involves a cock in your pussy.”

“Or mouth, or ass.”

“Anal?” I raised an eyebrow, pumping my hips. “We’ll have to try that later.”

She smiled, and the twinkle in her eyes told me that she understood the invitation. “Mhm. You can take that ass of mine whenever you want. Fuck it hard, fill it up with come.”

I moaned and leaned forward, bending her legs higher as I took position to pound into her with more leverage. “I will, too.”

“Oh, yes.” She moaned as I pressed into her more deeply, began thrusting more roughly.

“I’ll have your ass, you slut. But right now I’m going to fill your pussy with more of my come.”

Her eyes lost focus and gained that subspace glaze. “Yes,” she uttered with a sigh.

“I’m going to fill your pussy with my come.”

She shivered from my words, still half asleep. “Oh.”

I began thrusting more and more, pounding into her without mercy. My body moved so much I could barely retain my voice and my mind was focused on increasing my pleasure, but I managed to continue teasing her. “Are you going to come for me?”

Oh,” she moaned. “Proba-bly,” she jumped with the last syllable as I thrust into her particularly hard.

“You will.” I reached around her legs, grabbing her wrists and pinning them down into the bed next to her head.


“I want you to come.” Her legs rested on my shoulders, her body folded as I held her down and thrust into her.

“Oh, fuck.”

“You will come for me,” I growled. I felt her pussy tighten as she gasped.


My hips continued moving, pushing me to the edge. “I’m going to come.”


I felt her pussy tighten around me, and that was it. I began a litany to coax an orgasm out of her. “Come for me, slut. Come for a stranger while he comes inside of you. Feel my cock throb and my come fill you up. Come for me.”

Thrusting inside her with a growl as I slipped over the edge, her pussy clamped down on me and began milking me once more. I held on for the ride as her own orgasm ripped through her, partly surprised by a lack of profanity as she let out a primal scream instead. Half way through I released her wrists and lowered her legs, leaning down to wrap my arms around her. I kissed her passionately through the rest of her orgasm. We wound down together, holding each other in a tight embrace until our breathing returned to normal.

“Soft again,” she teased as she nipped my lower lip.

“I’m a viral young man,” I said. “Not a robot.”

She giggled. “Just as well, too. If this is just the virility of youth, I’d be fucked trying to handle a robot.”

“I thought getting fucked was the idea.”

We shared a grin and another long, passionate kiss. My cock slipped out of her, and with reluctance I rose away. Looking down at the state of my partner, I allowed myself a feeling of pride. I just spent the night fucking a woman I’ve never met before, I thought. And she loved every second of it.

My awareness expanded again, picking up the scent and subtle sounds of Eliza making breakfast. I looked down into the eyes of the girl beneath me, observing the half asleep, half subspace glaze that still held her. She tried to focus on me, but I could tell that she was high on pleasure. I ran my hands over her body, simply touching and sharing warmth.

“Mmm,” she moaned.

“I want you to lay as you are, and stay here in bed.”

“Hm?” Her eyes focused a little as my command processed.

“I don’t want you to move from where you are. I’m going to go see Eliza, and she’ll be here in a moment.”

She pouted, and I knew she wanted to stay with me as much as I wanted to stay with her. She nodded, accepting my command. “Yes, Sir.”

Smiling, I leaned down to kiss her lips and then rolled out of bed. I’d have to shower soon, so for the moment I found a pair of martial arts pants and pulled them on. Feeling her eyes on me the entire time, I moved with a slow and sensual purpose, giving her a show before I walked out of the room without putting anything else on.

I followed a delicious smell down the hall as it led me to the kitchen. Eliza was setting the table and the breakfast she had been preparing was about to find its way onto plates. I watched her as I silently walked. Her hair fell freely over her shoulders, and the snow white sun dress that hung down to her mid thigh looked fantastic on her. She looked up when I stepped through the doorway, smiling like an angel. A beautiful, wicked angel.

“Mornin’, gorgeous,” she said.

Hah, I thought. My hair was such a mess that I could feel the unnatural state of its being crying to be relieved. I’m certain I looked very tired—even if it was the good tired, the sort of tired look that comes only from a night of passion—and there is no doubt that I reeked of sweat and sex. And yet, there was no sarcasm to her comment at all. Returning her gaze with my own, I knew this woman of mine, so in love with me, spoke her flattery with full sincerity. I would have spent the day arguing against it had I not spent the night creating fuel for her victory.

I smiled, choosing to resist the urge to comment on my looks.

“Virgin white doesn’t suit you at the moment, love. You’re far too devilish to pull it off.”

She grinned, reaching down to grab the hem her dress before pulling it up and over her head, revealing the complete absence of anything underneath. And thus, revealing absolutely everything underneath.

“This better?” she asked, folding the dress and putting it over the back of a chair.

I returned her grin with my own. “Much. See? My wicked woman, always up to no good.”

“You love it.”

“I do,” I said. “Almost as much as I love you.”

She blushed and smiled as she returned her attention to breakfast, serving everything onto the three plates she had prepared. As she finished I stepped closer, standing in front of her. She stood still, holding my gaze as I stared for a moment. We shared the moment silently, a moment of silent intimacy unique and precious to us. I observed her eyes begin to glaze and almost smiled, knowing she was slipping into submission. The sight of me, the heat of my presence, my gaze. Most of all, the smell of my sex. She took it all in and gave herself to me, as if it were the most natural reaction in the world.

For her, it is, I thought.

As her breath began to quicken I finally let my smile spread while still holding her gaze.

“I fucked your friend senseless.”

“I know,” she whispered.

“Last night, this morning. I filled her with more come than I think she expected.”

“Yes,” she whispered, her body reacting more as I observed a shiver.

“You watched.”

Her mouth twitched. She wanted to smile, but instead held my gaze. “Yes.”

I raised my hand, caressing her cheek. A shiver ran through her from the contact, her eyelids dropping half closed. Oh, Eliza. You are mine.

“She’s laying in bed right now,” I said. “Covered in sweat and sex, this mornings most recent come still oozing out of her pussy. She’s a mess, that slut of yours.”

I heard her gasp, feeling another shiver from my words and my single caress, yet she never dropped her eyes away from mine. We held a hypnotic gaze, and I don’t even remember blinking.

“Eliza,” I whispered, knowing she had lost her voice.

“Yes,” she answered.

I leaned closer. “I want you to go into my room,” I whispered.

Her eyes widened as my words sank in.

“I want you to go into my room,” I repeated, “lick that sluts pussy clean, and then use her for your own pleasure.”

Her mouth was open now, her eyes wide. This wasn’t part of the prearranged deal, but winging it when the mood was right always had been. We both knew Eliza could do it, too. There would be no complaints later. She smiled, returning slightly from subspace as her mind raced with schemes of opportunity.

“Yes, my Master.” She grinned and turned to take a cold bottle of water from the fridge. In a moment she was walking down the hall with a concentrated purpose.

I watched her ass jiggle until out of sight, then found my seat at the table. I took a sip of tea, moaning softly as the warmth spread through my body like sunlight. Looking down over the cup at the French breakfast Eliza had prepared, I found my fork and smiled as a moan echoed down the hall. Eliza had left the bedroom door open, serenading my meal with love music.

Who knows when or how this life of mine became so adventurous, but as the sound of orgasm echoed through my house I came to a decision. As the thought ran through my mind again, my smile widened.

This will not be the last of my escapades.

This story was first published on http://www.lushstories.com in under my profile, http://www.lushstories.come/thelovingsadist in May of 2014.

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