The Perseverance of Light 3

by Aaron Wolfe

Perserverance of Light 3_Watercopy
Light Perseveres

Light Perseveres


Although I consider myself an amateur even on my good days, it is certainly true that photography is one of my grand passions. Towards the end of that pursuit, I’ll slowly begin to construct an online portfolio of my photography here, with this being the first of many contributions. A shining start to a growing collection.

This particular picture is titled Perseverance of Light 3, being third in a collection of Cloud Photography that shares this particular theme — light shining through the clouds. Some are darker, taken during stormy days where the sun shone through just at the right moment, teasing those buried in the cold and wet day with its dry warmth; some are as light and lighter than this, a bright day where clouds simply gathered around the sun, blocking out its harsh heat just enough to cast a shade, but not enough to prevent that bright heavenly body from shining through the visor and boldly stating that the light isn’t so easily kept at bay.

I wonder, which holds the stronger symbolism — the light shining through the darkness, or the light blasting through small shading clouds like this? The symbolism’s aren’t necessarily the same in each circumstance, either.